A Brief Guide About Vinyl Sticker Printing

vinyl sticker printing

Before we learn about the vinyl sticker printing, we must know what the vinyl stickers actually are. The vinyl stickers are the wall decals which are made from the vinyl plotter that is kind of a printer. These stickers could be used for the decoration of room, walls, could be used as the commercial sign to put on the boards and could also be used as the car stickers. The vinyl sticker printing is gaining popularity as these are the kind of the stickers that can practically be stick to any kind of smooth surface such as plastic, glass, wood and even metal.

What kind of printer is used in the vinyl sticker printing?

Normally an inkjet printer is used in the vinyl sticker printing, these printers are very affordable and are easy to operate and due to these reasons, many people can perform the vinyl sticker printing at their homes as well. One could add extra elements to their vinyl sticker printing by making these waterproofs from the use of laminate and could use these on outdoor setting as well. However, the vinyl sticker printing at home may not be as durable and good quality as the professional vinyl sticker printing because of the quality of the materials as well as the printers. However, if one wants to use these for short term purposes then there are number of tutorials online that can guide about the procedure and some of these steps are also briefed in this article.

Steps to perform the vinyl sticker printing at home:

First of all, you need a design for the sticker and in order to get an inspiration or an idea, you could do an online search, or if you are creative enough to make your own from the top of the head then it is even better, then sketch this design on some paper first, once you have it on the paper then the next step is to put this on the computer and usually there are many editing and sketching tool available that you can use to make the design, if you are not familiar with these, you could get an help from some graphic designer. Then the printing part starts in which you first have to load the material that in your case would be the vinyl paper sheet and then you have to print the design following the instruction from the software you made the design on. Once your vinyl sticker is on the paper then the next step is to laminate and cut it. It is better that you apply the laminate sheet first and then cut the vinyl sticker and here are the total steps of the vinyl sticker printing at home. Once made, you could use these as wall stickers or car stickers or any other kind.

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