Why Is Fabric Woven Labels Are Considered Better?

Fabric woven labels are especially very popular in the clothing brands because it is considered as one of the most unique way to remind your customer what the brand is about. Customized fabric woven labels can be made by variety of methods and materials but how to determine that which one of these is the right one for your company brand is a task. When it comes to the clothing brand it is of particular importance that how the quality of the fabric is. From a good quality fabric woven labels it is easy for the customer to understand the quality of the fabric.

Why to choose fabric woven labels?

It is known by everyone that the fabric woven labels are much more difficult to create and it takes more time, effort and money. When the company decides to put efforts in labels then it is clear that they will put even more efforts in their products. Therefore, the fabric woven labels play an important role in creating the brand identity.

What do you need to consider before buying the fabric woven labels?

There are three questions that needs to be answered and these are why, where and how. Why the fabric woven labels means that for what purpose it has been used, either to just write the business name or to print a logo. In either case you need to define the elements of the design. Secondly the where refers to what kind of environments will be present for these fabric woven labels. Will these be facing a lot of outdoor wear and tear and on which products these will be used and carried with. Based on this you define the durability, softness of the fabric which needs to be used for the fabric woven labels. Lastly, the important thing is how the labels will be attached to the product, will it be sewn in or will you use fabric glue. The best option is sewing it in because this is how there is little risk that it will come off.

Pros and cons of the fabric woven labels:


The advantage of these include the reduced cost, increased readability of the text written on it, appropriate for the items which may be used underwater such as the swim suits and a variety of designs and colours to be used in the background are available.


Although if the thick fabric is used to then it could be uncomfortable for the skin, and the material of the fabric that you use also define the durability of the label.

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