Why Nobody Else Can Draw Aboriginal Art Than Aboriginal Artist

It will not be an exaggeration to say that painting is magic and artist is the magician. Painting is magic because it has certain unknown charm even though people are not able to understand the painting perfectly yet they try to interpret the painting according to their own understanding. An artist is the magician who knows the secret of the painting but he cannot tell about it otherwise the whole charm of the magic will be lost. It is said that paintings and other such pieces of art are the best way to confess your feelings or to speak your heart out. We get to see many different kinds of art forms around us. And one such highly appreciated and greatly loved art form is the aboriginal art form. It is the art form which reflects the Australian culture and history in it. In this article, we will be disusing about the fact that why nobody else can draw the aboriginal art than an aboriginal artist Barbara Weir.

Aboriginal art:

Aboriginal art is the kind of an art in which drawings are made in such a way that it not only depicts the Australian culture, beliefs and history in the perfect way but it is also quite intriguing for tourists. There are thousands of hidden meanings behind such paintings or pieces of art made; these painting are differently interpreted by different groups of people according to their own understanding. Aboriginal art can be categorised into different types depending upon the kind of technique used in the making of such paintings. There is the kind of aboriginal art in which the dot technique is used. In dot technique, thousands of dots are painted on the canvas in such a way that the final image is extraordinary. Bark aboriginal art form is another way of drawing an art which is depicting Australian culture.

Why nobody else can draw aboriginal art than the aboriginal artist?

Non natives of Australia have firm restrictions that no non native person is allowed to draw or make aboriginal art. This restriction is applied to make sure that non-natives are not spoiling the history and culture of Australia in any which way. It is not that non-native specifically want to spoil the Australian history rather the reason for this restriction is that non native would not know that much about Australian history as that of natives. Go here for more information about artists.


Aboriginal art is the kind of an art in which the real touch of Australia is added by the natives of Australia. Different types of techniques are used in the making of aboriginal art. Only natives or aboriginal artists are allowed to draw such art form while non natives are not allowed to do so. It is maybe because Australian natives know that nobody else will be able to do justice to the Australian culture than the native Australian artists themselves. “MBANTUA” sells the bets kind of aboriginal art forms especially designed by the aboriginal artists.

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